Truck Super Singles

Proudly Manufactured in Australia by

GoannaTracks Overland Expeditions Pty Ltd

An Iveco Daily 4x4 belonging to C-Trek of Helsinki, Finland running on our 17X9” rims and some aggressive 37x12.5 R17 tyres for use in the snow.

Fitted to a Fuso FG649 ex Army Ambulance

"I got the tyres supplied and fitted, the guards at the front needed a bit of trimming, but I'm really happy with the look and the new ride.

I've attached pic for you.

Take care Paul"


Orchid Beach M.5.2173, Rainbow Beach, Qld.458l.

13th December 2011


The Orchid  Beach Rural Fire Brigade carries out planned asset protection burns within

the Orchid  Beach Township  on the Northern  Part of  Fraser Island.  The Brigade  also

assists  Queensland Parks and Wildlife in planned bums and wildfire suppression

operations throughout  Fraser Island. Virtually all firebreaks and  roads are sand with very

rare  boarded segments. Many of the firebreaks  have steep  sections which in dry conditions

require  considerable reduction in tyre pressures  even in  the Light Attack V8 Turbo Diesel


In June  2008 the Brigade took delivery of  an Isuzu Medium Attack Appliance. Fitted

with the standard truck tyres, the Brigade  replaced these with  19.5 inch  wheels and truck

tyres to  make the vehicle more suitable for the sand conditions.  Even with  the wider

tyres and reducing tyre pressures  the vehicle could only  be used in very limited areas

within and  around the township  and in dry conditions could even  bog down on flat

ground.  The Executive Committee of  the Brigade  decided to  investigate possibilities in

relation to fitting wider tyres  and installing a lift kit. After  discussions with Kym Bolton

of  Goanna Tracks Overland Expeditions Pty Ltd it  was decided to install a lift kit  and fit

l7 by  9 inch wheels and Hankook 37x12.5 R17 Dynapro MT  tyres.

The Brigade carried out a  number of  test drives in very soft sand conditions  and steep

slopes including  the steepest  section of firebreak near  the township.  The Brigade is

absolutely delighted with  the improvement these tyres and rims  made to  operation of the

Isuzu. Even on the steepest sand track these tyres  operated effortlessly with a minimum

of  strain on the vehicle.  The Brigade  is now confident  that we can now  operate this

vehicle  on any of the  roads and firebreaks on  Fraser Island.

The Brigade confidently  recommends the use of these tyres and rims to anyone operating in sandy conditions.

SIGNED by both First Officer and Second Officer

In the USA and based in California a 2006 FG.

Sunil's Overland World Explorer Camper running on the 17x9's.

From another 2010 -Fuso FG84 owner

I wanted to comment on the 17 inch rims and Hankooks. They have completed 4000 km of corrugations, 500 km of sand dunes (the French line in the Simpson desert) bad roads, hill climbs, rocky bars and the worst I could throw at them and have performed flawlessly.

In all I've had the Hankooks on the 17" rims now for more than 20000 km and they are just a superb tyre and rim combination.  

Rick B

Fitted to a Fuso FG 649

Been away for 10 days in the FG with your super singles and Hankook tyres, I must say it has transformed the truck, the ride is so much better and off road the increased clearance and traction make easy work of anywhere I've taken it.

The engine likes the increased gearing, I can sit on 100kph without over revving her.

Thanks mate, the best money I've spent on the truck.

Paul Melbourne

I bought a full set of large canter rims from you a while back, and a second spare a few months ago.

You may recall I mainly use my canter for work and towing my boat and very little off-road.

I just returned from a holiday up at Ningaloo reef (on a station near Exmouth WA).

Access in was VERY rough corrugations and dunes.

The truck performed faultlessly on and off-road. I DID get bogged once on the beach but put the tyre pressure down from 25 to 15psi (I had almost 2 tonnes on the back) and I drove out. (road pressure 50psi)

Chris WA


"Totally stoked with the wheels & tyres"

Dave Z.

Just got them mounted!

Love the ride!

Michael J,

Portland, Oregon USA.

Michael is just starting an Expedition Vehicle Build.

A Great Looking Concept

I’ve had the Hankook super singles fitted for about 6 months, and done approximately 10 000kms on them. Very pleased. It felt like riding on air when I have them installed…ride quality is WAY better than the OEM wheels, as is the off-road capability. I’ve tested them on dunes and thick sand. There is no comparison with the original wheels.

Thanks Etienne,  South Africa

And from as far away as you can get in the Falklands islands !

Its been a long time in the making but the rims eventually arrived and got the rubbers fitted and onto the truck last week, first run out was this last weekend and initial feelings are a big positive over the stock wheel configuration. We needed a small modification to the plastic bit on the front wheel well.


Attached is the promised picture, if you want to hang on a bit I can get some better backdrops around the Falklands for your website picture.

Alan  on the  Falklands islands

Kym, done about 20000k on tyres, so far no noticeable wear.

Been in both sand and heavy mud, running at rated tyre pressure there is no comparison to previous. Ride rides like a 4wd station wagon.

Note have pulled boat and heavy trailer on jobs in NSW Victoria and Q'land get good road speed and I think much improved fuel economy.

“Very Happy"


On time and collected from the depot,

Thank you for the wheels, you were a pleasure to deal with.

Ben      Perth WA

A great build by BiMobile in Germany for a UK based Client.

Alan H. purchased the wheels, bull bar, winch and other accessories from us.

She going well with new tyres.  Picture of us heading out to Ningaloo.

Thanks again – loving it.

Regards David from WA

We have just returned from Tasmania travelling over 7000 kms. With the Hankook super singles and the aftermarket springs it is a different truck to drive very happy with the improvement can now sit on 100 k/h without stressing anything and the ride is great

Cheers Kevin

A Narrow Cab Fuso 4x4 Canter in Japan with our 37" Super Singles.

I thank you for Kim.

A photograph is a thing when I went to the north Fuji practice ground.

The north Fuji practice ground can enter it in the training facilities of the Self-Defence Forces.

As far as the run characteristics of the canter improve markedly and are glad.

Because a tire protruded, the front posted a rubber fender, and the back processed a fender and moved it outward.

Thank you very much.

I'm happy

Makoto Sone

Sinclair's Bus.

Sinclair in New Zealand has just set up a Fuso/Rosa 4x4 bus for a world trip and is running the Super Singles and hankook tyres.

Looks great !

We have had your wheels on our Oka for a couple of weeks now .

The transformation from both the 16 inch alloys and the 19.5 steel rims we have previously run has been huge .

The on road characteristics are improved but the biggest gain appears to be off road getting the power to the ground in both mud and sand is very impressive .

Thank you Dave and Cath


Thanks to your help and guidance re tyres.


One of the best things I have purchased in my life

and great to travel in and giving lots of enjoyment.

Thank you again  for all your great help making this happen.

Geoff M from Perth

FGB 71

Just saying thanks !

These tyres are awesome.

We are loving the places we can get to now.

This is just over the boarder at Ballina.

Matthew G

Now for something completely different

An armoured personal carrier developed in the UAE using the Goannatracks 17x9" Super Singles.

They need a tough wheel for the 4 ton Toyota based vehicle, and our testing and international SAE J328 had the credentials.